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2017 Season Results

SC 28 vs Oceanside 18

The Legion of Boom makes an explosive start to the 2017 season with a victory over the Pirates!

SC 62 vs Huntington Beach 20

The Triton offense once again proves its mettle against the Huntington Beach defense, winning by a 42 point margin.

SC 45 vs Fullerton 7

The Tritons once again prove their ability to put points on the board.  But it's the Triton defense who are the true heroes of this one, allowing only one Fullerton touchdown the entire game.

SC 62 vs Murrieta Valley 27

The Triton defense gets its first trial by fire and passes with flying colors, denying Murrieta's explosive offense the win.  Multiple sacks and interceptions kept the ball firmly in the hands of the Triton offense, who wasted no time capitalizing on that advantage.

SC 14 vs Palos Verdes 0

Despite receiving a record number of penalties and suffering a serious lack of momentum, the Legion of Boom once again comes out on top.  While the offense struggled to put points on the board, the Triton defense held strong, denying Palos Verdes even a single point.

SC 23 vs Edison 20

The hard hitting Edison offense made this one a nail biter right up to the end, but the legion of boom doesn't disappoint, and San Clemente goes into their league match ups undefeated.

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