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Donations to Friday Night Live

The purpose of the FNL is to provide live streaming and play-by-play commentary of the San Clemente High School Triton Football team. Friday Night Live is the result of a few deadicated people who want to bring live Triton football into the homes of fans who can not attend the games.


Some of our players have parents serving in the Military overseas and this program allows them to watch their son's games around the world.


Donations to the Friday Night Live are tax-deductible to the donor, to the extent permissible by law. Your donation will be used exclusively to support the football web stream services we provide. Without the support of the FNL, we would not be able to bring this service to fans of the San Clemente High School Football program around the world. Any consideration you offer through your cash donation is greatly appreciated and 100% of your gift goes directly to support the live streaming of  the Triton Football Games.

Special thank you to all of the people  that  have supported FNL in the past to make our live streaming of Triton football possible.

Rich & Frank

If you are interested in donating to our program and keep FNL on the air Please click on the Donate button.  We  have a secure Pay-pal account.

Frank            Rich

* 2022 Donors

Past Season Donors

STEELE Canyon FNL.jpg

A. Rex *

D. Burt *

S. Bystry *

Mullet Racing, LLC. *

F. Gonzales*

K. Shaner*

M. Hartnov *

R. Stewart *

T. Allen *

J. Husbands *

G. Gloede *

J. Barry

A. Rex

C. Karns

D. Briscoe

B. Kelso

N.Della Vedova

R. Greek

L. Davies

J. Bellamy 

J. Husbands

 J. Ezell 

C. Wexelberg

D. Huggins

S. Eldridge

J. Bright

R. Palmer

F.Kling Sr.

T. Eldridge

E. Stanley

P Wolf

C Foster

S Russell

Special Thank You

To Rick Palmer for his recent donations. Rick is a big fan and always look forward to the Friday evening games.


"  I live right behind the stadium and always enjoy the live audio excitement.  Add that I now am able to watch, what more can I ask. "

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